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The Seasons of our Life…

Contributed by Anne Babchuk

Living in BC is such a blessing – The seasons are stunningly beautiful and the movement from one into another is doubtless. The cool October sun and falling leaves are a clear reminder that we are always at change – in transition and that it is OK and beautiful. 

There is never a time when we ourselves are not changing or evolving. We are like the river, the water flowing is never the same from one moment to the next.  Most often our changes are small and go unnoticed, but occasionally, like the river we flood the bank. For many, significant change is scary, even frightening. And it is the fear of the unknown, the fear of losing control and the fear of losing the things we think define us that prevent us from accepting change. But Resisting change is like resisting a roaring river – it doesn’t work and only causes us damage and pain. But when we can let go and ride the current, change is effortless and exhilarating – a discovery.

Back when my mother’s mind was sharp and full of current events; around seven years before she moved into the dementia care facility, she said to me with great satisfaction, “My life has been a series of small deaths. – Every seven years, I seem to shed my skin like a snake and I am reborn into a new me, a better me each time.”

Now – I must admit that I miss my old mum; the clever, witty, capable mum of yesterday, but I also have to admit, I have never seen her closer to her source than she is now. She embodies simplicity and pure love and light. And if I look more deeply, beyond my own resistance to the change I see in her – I can in fact see that she has yet again been reborn. I don’t understand it completely but it is strangely beautiful and reassuring.

Soul Re-Cognition opens the way for us to relearn our spiritual truths. By understanding and healing the root causes of our fears, we are able to accept and embrace change without resistance. The process helps us to remember that we are are far more than our exterior body and outward experiences. We remember that we are a part of something greater and that through all transition and change we are fully and completely taken care of – ever evolving into fuller versions of our selves.

Being fully and completely at peace with our true nature and the present moment is what aligns us with our universal nature. It is from this place that we may see the perfection and beauty of the seasons of our life.