Soulutions – Healing Through Self Love

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Healing Through self Love

In this wild time of change in our world do you find yourself reacting from your emotions? Do you find them running you at times, taking you over when they come?Are you making yourself bad or wrong for having them, or reacting from them when you know better than that?

What if you could ‘be’ with your emotions, actually let them be and not react from them and have them take you over? To “Be” with your emotions takes a great deal of power. To let the energy of a charged emotion come through you and step back from it, watch it, and not buy into it, has a significant effect on your psyche. It takes all the power away from the past experience or trauma that is causing it and leaves you exhilarated- back in charge. To step away from the drama and not yell, scream, cry or say the judgement or profanity that is going through your head can seem nearly impossible at times. …But when you do, you step into a whole new level of power, freedom- self love.

You may have heard the story of the old sage who was telling his student that dealing with the ego is like dealing with ‘a good dog and a bad dog fighting within you’. ‘How do I know that good dog will win?’ asked the student. ‘Because that is the one you will feed’, said the sage.

It really is that simple. I often tell clients that they have to ‘get off the field’ in order to free themselves from the trappings of the thinking mind. What that means is that you cannot beat the ego by playing its own game- thinking. You cannot overcome the thinking mind by thinking about it! You have to get off the field of thought.

The ego, or thinking mind is very tricky and as long as you stay on the level of thought you will be talked into believing the outer world of form, the effect, above Source energy or the cause within you. Here is a powerful exercise for you to try that will allow ou to use the negative energy of your emotions to reconnect you and bring you back source energy or your higher self.

When a negative emotion comes up in you, instead of reacting from it, feel it. Whether it be anger, sadness, frustration, whatever it is, go deep into the feeling without making it bad or wrong- without labeling it at all. Stay in the place of observance, hold the space open and just pay attention to the feeling without giving it a name or a label and watch what happens.

If you are able to do this simple little exercise it will transform you. Because you will see that you can go directly to the energetic level- cause. You are meeting energy with energy instead of resistance- thought. From there, the energy changes itself. When the energy changes so does the feeling, and when the feeling changes it’s no longer bad or wrong- it’s just energy. Energy that you were able to harness. A rather large key to understanding how we work. We at our very foundation are energy. Energy is not good or bad, it’s energy. And all energy is useable- if we know that it is ours to use.

Does this mean that we use this to avoid and run over how we feel? Absolutely not. First of all this exercise takes a good deal of awareness in the first place. You have to be self-aware enough and compassionate enough to be in tune with how you are feeling. And when you go deep into the feeling you are going deep into a part of you that has been (felt) separated from the Self. What does this part need? Love. What is Love? Pure positive energy- or presence. When we go deep into the feeling this is self-love at the highest level.

At the zenith of this experience we are aligned with pure positive energy. It allows us to rise above the level of the thinking mind and stay present with the feeling. To stay present with the feeling means we are present in this moment. From here we make decisions based on what is really going on, not from the story that comes out of the negative programming of our thinking mind- our past. This is self love. This is power. This is freedom. Try to be with whatever feeling or emotion comes up this week without making it good or bad or labeling it in any way. And experience the exhilaration of transformation that comes from aligning with your pure positive energy- your power.

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