Soul Re-Cognition

Reveal Your Ultimate Self
Ignite Your Passion & Purpose

Soul Re-Cognition is the next, natural step in evolution of your spiritual growth. It is for those who have gone through the Neuro Trauma Healing Process and are moving beyond the wounding and fear of their past. The blocks and protective shields have been dissolved and now there is a direct connection and relationship established with the life within you. There is little resistance and nothing stands between you and your own personal guidance system. SRC is for those who are ready to trust and follow the innate wisdom and intuitive intelligence that is present within you.

The sub-conscious is the gateway to higher consciousness, the realm that holds the keys to our essential creative self – our Soul. Soul Re-Cognition gives you the opportunity to rise above the level of thought. It provides you with safe and direct access to the sub-conscious mind and its vast knowledge, wisdom and light that has been buried beneath past experiences and false beliefs. It will give you the opportunity to Re-Cognize old, restrictive programming.

We all have many aspects of our self that makes us uniquely who we are; Soul Re-Cognition will show you how you can acknowledge, nurture and bring into balance all aspects of your being. From the Warrior aspect of our nature all the way to our Lover… no part of your being is ignored. SRC will cultivate a well rounded, grounded, fulfilling life experience.

In taking the next step into SRC, you will tap into your most powerful creative faculty and realize your true authentic nature and your highest potential. You will enjoy a world that is working with you – not against you. Just watch the manifestation of a life of peace and ease that comes to you when you are living in alignment with who you truly are.

Frequently Asked Questions

How does Soul Re-Cognition work?

Similarly to NTHP, Soul Re-Cognition uses a person centred approach. All guidance comes from you and is specific to you. A facilitator guides you in the use of alternate handwriting, and a variety Right/ Left Brain treatments and programs. Guided meditations are also an important part of this advanced work.

What is the Goal in SRC?

Good Question! The Goal in the Soul Re-Cognition Process is to bring you to living fully and authentically in the present moment with nothing blocking your natural flow of energy. It is to allow your highest good to flow to you and through you – as you. This occurs through the SRC process by lowering the resistance to your true nature which is peace; power; creativity; abundance; connection and love. This bring you into the experience of flow or effortless effort by simply being who you truly are.

What does it mean to Re-Cognize?

To Re-Cognize is to bring the unconscious into conscious awareness. When we are unconscious of something running under the surface, it has the capacity to wreak havoc in our life. When we become conscious of it, we are given the ability to choose how to respond to it. In Soul Re-cognition we have an opportunity to bring old programming up from our sub-conscious into the light of day – see it for what it is with fresh eyes and use our power of choice. Sometimes healing is as simple as having the ability to look at it.

I don’t think I have any trauma – can I start with Soul Re-Cognition?

Yes, absolutely. It is important to note, that both the NTHP and SCR processes begin in the same way and you will quickly see that it is impossible to skip steps. It is the process that will lead you to whatever you need to look at or deal with. The higher consciousness in you knows what you need and what to do. The degree of success you will have with this process is in direct correlation to your ability to trust and allow and follow this guidance.

One on One Sessions

(Done in person or online)

You can be anywhere in the world!!
Session are private, personal and can be done in the comfort of your own home
via ZOOM – (a free Skype like program).

Person Centred, Safe and Gentle

60 – 90 Minutes Per Session