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One on One Sessions

One on one sessions are the key. We have had a challenge in the past presenting this process to people because as simple as it seems, you cannot do the work on your own in the start. I fought with myself for eight months trying to “change myself”, but I wasn’t able to make a healthy connection until I worked with somebody who had an understanding of this type of left / right brain work and the subconscious.

Yes, we are able to take the work over ourselves once we have ‘traction’ – meaning we have created a safe, healthy, and positive connection and relationship with our inner self. This can happen once we have been able to ‘untangle’ ourselves. Meaning, create enough separation from our internal separating beliefs and issue’s to be able to show up for ourselves in earnest and give ourselves what we need. That’s where a trained Soul Re-Cognition facilitator comes in. An SRC facilitator will gently guide you into using the process in a way that allows you to easily connect with your Inner Personal Guidance System. From this connection you will be able to receive the information, understanding, and inspiration needed to carry out your mission of fully expressing the freedom, joy, and prosperity that you are; in a way that is unique and specific to you.

Congratulations on your decision to reveal your soul’s journey and live the life you came here to live. Welcome!
Sessions 75 – 90 minutes in length – Done via Zoom or Skype or phone – 5 % tax will be added to advertised prices.

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$ 7.99


When Your inner world comes into order,
Your outer world will come into order.

  • Through the NTHP process I was helped to understand why I hold on to feelings so much and how it can hurt to do so. I went on a journey through past deep-rooted unfinished business.
    …I learned to forgive, let go and accept events that are a part of my life in a loving and understanding manner. I now embrace the flow of life and feel more confident and responsible about my decisions.
    I am grateful for finding Dane and this process because I couldn’t have done all of this without it.

    Gabriela Cristo
    Nutritionalist / Business Owner Langley, BC, Canada
  • Since my sessions, my life has become richer and fuller. I am present and experiencing joy at work and with my family, and I love the connection blossoming with my daughter. I am especially excited by the option to create my day and my life each moment.

    School teacher, Vancouver, BC Canada
  • I am so grateful for the pioneers of the (Soul Re-Cognition Process) … Ever since the first workshop with Dane things began to happen.  I didn’t realize it until later, but I was letting go of the garbage that had been my previous focus, and that was so freeing I feel like I am in the zone–all the time!  Thru Dane’s skillful coaching, this work has allowed me to access my higher self, any time, all the time.  In retrospect, the NTHP allows one deep, spiritual answers to paradoxical, troubling questions in one’s life, that make understanding flow and a  joy-filled life happen!

    Sharon Kreiger
    Chiropractor Tioga, N.D., US
  • (The NTHP Process) …has helped me to completely change my outlook on life. I was very good at getting angry at myself, feeling guilty for not following through on things I “should do”, and making my life very difficult. Wow, it’s astounding how much energy you have when you stop feeling guilty and stay tuned in to your inner self! It’s so incredibly amazing to live in the present, enjoy my work, enjoy the smallest moments every day, and watch the magic of life unfold before my eyes. I am now plunging into the unknown, free from past fears and doing what I always wanted to do. And I couldn’t have done it without Dane’s guidance and support. Thank you Dane! The game of life isn’t difficult it’s fun!

    K. DePaoli
    Consultant Paris, FR
  • I believe (the process) is a very beneficial tool to use in the process of guiding clients to a place of personal awareness and connectedness.  I highly recommend this mode of therapy to others in the field, and believe it should be a recognized modality of treatment.

    Donna Janke, RPC