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NTHP: The Neuro Trauma Healing Process

Heal Your Past & Connect To Your Inner Wisdom
Bring Your Trauma To Full and Complete Resolution

The Neuro Trauma Healing Process has the ability to bring your past trauma(s) to a healing resolution in a safe, gentle and harmonious manner.

Imagine if when you were a child, you put your hand on a hot stove. This of course hurts terribly, and you would likely be very upset by the pain of it. But normally, with a little TLC an experience like this one can be filed in the “This Hurts” drawer in your mind and you would carry on more knowledgeable and more resilient for having had the experience. But Imagine if every time you came near the stove it triggered you into re-experiencing that pain? This is what someone dealing with trauma is doing. Re-experiencing the pain – over and over again. You are continually triggered into re-experiencing the pain of something that is no longer happening.

Whether you recognize it or not we have all experienced some form of trauma in our life.
NTHP cannot change history,
nor will it change your story. What it does change is how you feel about that story and the charge around your past disappears. You can now stop the past from ruining your present and running your future.

For some the trauma was a BIG T – an event or experience that shook you to your core with a thunderous attack. But for others the trauma was not so obvious, a slow happening – a continuous experience over a long period of time;  while yet for others it was a seemingly harmless, non – physical exchange that diminished you somehow – your self worth; or made you fearful. There are too many causes of trauma to list here.  Regardless of what your trauma is; whether obvious or not; large or small on an unconscious level those events, beliefs or experiences continue to cycle within you as if they are still happening. The word Trauma may not feel like the right word for everyone, but here it is simply used to describe something stuck looping in your nervous system unprocessed. NTHP will allow you safe, direct contact with that part of you who holds onto the trapped experience. It gives you another chance to process it; only this time you are in safety and are processing it in a gentle and controlled way. It gives you an opportunity to ‘re-cognise’ the experience, that is, bring it into your conscious awareness so it can be filed into the appropriate drawer in the mind as an experience that can be learned from and grown from – It may seem impossible now, but it is possible to turn your experience into a healthy one.

NTHP is based on inner compassionate connection to the self. It will show you what you are believing and how you are treating yourself. It is within the work that you will be  able to give to yourself what you need to thrive and become a healthy individual; that means becoming your own source of  love and compassion, understanding and support; it means re-parenting your inner child who was not able to develop in a free way. Remember, when your inner world changes so then does the outer… What we mean by this is when you start showing yourself love and compassion, the rest of the world will follow suit.

NTHP is a person centred process. This means all direction for your healing comes from within you. You are completely in control at all times. The process accesses the innate wisdom you carry which is more powerful than your fear or pain. This wisdom also holds the memory of who you really are beyond the trauma.

Frequently Asked Questions?

How do I know if I have a trauma looping inside of me?
Symptoms of trauma show up in your everyday life. They show up as pain, negative patterns, chronic conditions and addictions. We all have these to some degree, but if  they are preventing you from living a full, happy life; a life of true authenticity, then you have something stuck looping in your nervous system unprocessed.

How does the Neuro Trauma Healing Process Work?
With the guidance of a trained NTHP facilitator, you will be taken through a proven process of alternate handwriting, guided meditations, and other Right Brain/ Left Brain exercises. You will reach the place within you that holds your most powerful core beliefs about who you are and your place in the world. You will come to understand the root cause of the false beliefs or chronic condition and how they came to be a driving force in your life. You will also access the higher knowing within you that remembers the truth of your being and holds the information and direction for your healing.

What is the role of the Facilitator?
Your facilitator guides you through the alternate handwriting work and takes you through guided meditations. He/ She helps you to see past your filters; helps you to say the things you either cannot say or do not know to say. A facilitator holds you accountable and helps you to show up for yourself. He/ She also is your teacher – typically, we do not work with people for a long time, our clients quickly take the work on for themselves.

How long will I have to do the work?
NTHP is not a quick fix, but neither is it a coping skill or a technique to overcome. We have found that some move quickly through the work and for others it can take a longer time. Sometimes a person is dealing with great deal of resistance that comes from a place of fear. So we say it takes the time it takes! It is the first step in showing yourself compassion to allow whatever time is necessary to create a the safety and relationship necessary to bring you out of that fear.

I want to start, how do I begin?
We have found the best results come from immersion work. That is 2 to 3 sessions per week. A wonderful momentum is built up and the process flows smoothly, a safe environment is sustained and there is little resistance to the Right/ Left Brain exercises we do. Once a week is frustrating for both you and the facilitator, because if too much time passes between sessions, a resistance to the process is built up again and it feels as if you are starting from square one each time. The best way to start NTHP is to sign up for a 12-session package and commit to a 2 – 3 day a week schedule. We offer our best-valued price on this package because of this.

How do I know if this process is a fit for me?
Good question! This work is not suitable for everyone as it is abstract work and you must be open-minded. If you are not sure we suggest you utilize our Introductory Session offers of one, or three sessions to get a true experience of the work . Sessions are approximately 90 – 120 minutes in which you will be able to experience the process and get a sense of its profound nature. You will know if this work is for you after that, so why not try it?
The $115 USD we charge for this 2 hour session is refunded to you should you decide to sign up for a package. And the 3 sessions go toward the full 12 if you decide to continue on from there.

Introductory Session $115 USD

     3 Sessions $325 USD



Free Yourself
Of Damaging Patterns &
Harmful Beliefs

    • Chronic Pain
    • Dis-ease
    • Depression
    • Anxiety
    • Weight Issues
    • Eating Disorders
    • Addiction
    • PTSD
    • Insomnia
    • Fear
    • Unhealthy Relationships
    • Low Self Worth/ Esteem
    • Financial Issues/ Lack
    • Creative Stagnation


  • The NTHP has completely freed me from my past. …I have been dealing with sexual abuse for the better part of my adult life, I have done a lot of counseling for it, but never got anywhere with it. I would just shut down and it wasn’t effective for me.

    I’ve never experienced anything like this (NTHP) before. This work took me to a place I’ve never been in my life, and honestly didn’t think I would be able to get to. …Today I have a really big smile on my face because I don’t live in the past anymore. I really didn’t realize I could have this kind of freedom …I’m not stuck and frozen anymore. I’m finally able to start progressing in my life again! It feels like a fog has been lifted… I’m excited about my life now!

    NTHP Has Completely Freed Me From my Past!
  • I would like to share my experience with you regarding this healing process.

    Initially, I was very skeptical of this process if it would be of benefit for me. Over the span of 40 years I had tried so many types of therapy from the conventional to the unconventional. I wasn’t sure if yet another attempt would be of any use for me, not to mention the expense I had spent over the last decades, was I willing to try yet again?

    I am so extremely grateful that I did continue on.

    Noticeable changes in my life have included:

    • I am no longer reactive to 45 years of dealing with PTSD. That statement alone is life alternating.

    Family, friends and colleagues have noted the remarkable changes.

    • Since earliest childhood, I had what I thought was a physical limitation. I was unable to take any deep breaths. It did not even occur to me that this was something that could have been from an emotional trauma. I had the assumption it was just my lung capacity; it was just smaller than normal.

    It may seem a simple thing to anyone else, but to be able to breathe deeply and freely is immense. From this alone, I am more relaxed and can sleep more deeply.

    • I have more self confidence, and feel empowered. I am engaged and more relaxed in my life, including being with my family, friends and colleagues.
    • I have opened up to an inner world that I did not think was possible. I have struggled with any type of writing, journaling, and envied those that could do so. It is to my greatest astonishment and delight that I can participate in writing which is so profound.

    I am in awe with the compassion and integrity of my facilitator as I was guided through my process of healing.

    Deep healing is possible; do not hesitate to immerse yourself!

    No Longer Reactive after 45 Years of PTSD!
  • Thank you so much for sharing this process with me! What a powerful way to untangle the pain from the past with gentle loving support and release that pain with compassion and ease!

    Thank You!
  • Through the NTHP process I was helped to understand why I hold on to feelings so much and how it can hurt to do so. I went on a journey through past deep-rooted unfinished business.
    …I learned to forgive, let go and accept events that are a part of my life in a loving and understanding manner. I now embrace the flow of life and feel more confident and responsible about my decisions.
    I am grateful for finding Dane and this process because I couldn’t have done all of this without it.

    NTHP Helped me to Understand my Feelings.
    Nutritionalist / Business Owner Langley, BC, Canada
  • Since my sessions, my life has become richer and fuller. I am present and experiencing joy at work and with my family, and I love the connection blossoming with my daughter. I am especially excited by the option to create my day and my life each moment.

    My Life has Become Richer and Fuller!
    School teacher, Vancouver, BC Canada
  • I am so grateful for the pioneers of the (Soul Re-Cognition Process) … Ever since the first workshop with Dane things began to happen.  I didn’t realize it until later, but I was letting go of the garbage that had been my previous focus, and that was so freeing I feel like I am in the zone–all the time!  Thru Dane’s skillful coaching, this work has allowed me to access my higher self, any time, all the time.  In retrospect, the NTHP allows one deep, spiritual answers to paradoxical, troubling questions in one’s life, that make understanding flow and a  joy-filled life happen!

    Let a Joy Filled Life Happen!
    Chiropractor Tioga, N.D., US
  • (The NTHP Process) …has helped me to completely change my outlook on life. I was very good at getting angry at myself, feeling guilty for not following through on things I “should do”, and making my life very difficult. Wow, it’s astounding how much energy you have when you stop feeling guilty and stay tuned in to your inner self! It’s so incredibly amazing to live in the present, enjoy my work, enjoy the smallest moments every day, and watch the magic of life unfold before my eyes. I am now plunging into the unknown, free from past fears and doing what I always wanted to do. And I couldn’t have done it without Dane’s guidance and support. Thank you Dane! The game of life isn’t difficult it’s fun!

    It has Changed my Outlook on Life!
    Consultant Paris, FR
  • I believe (the process) is a very beneficial tool to use in the process of guiding clients to a place of personal awareness and connectedness.  I highly recommend this mode of therapy to others in the field, and believe it should be a recognized modality of treatment. Donna – RPC

    It Needs to be Recognized Modality of Treatment
  • I tried just about everything to cope with irregular heartbeat and then as I was faced with having a pacemaker installed …. I am a logic driven person so I am not going to say “miracle”  but I will say this, I have had a regular heartbeat for 7 months now (December 2013)….. I am impressed and hopefully you will be too. The experience of doing the (Soul Re-Cognition) work is fascinating, illuminating, spiritual, heart wrenching and somehow enjoyable.

    I Now Have a Regular Heartbeat!
    Business Owner
  • …these parts of myself are gradually ceasing to be disruptive in their function  and are instead joining forces to rebuild what it is that I am truly meant to be.  The facilitation–without which none of this could be occurring –is awesome;  subtle yet direct. After each session I feel somehow expanded and ….my interface with the world seems finer and more receptive.

    Looking at everything that’s been happening, I can say with certainty that it’s a rare adventure beyond anything I have ever experienced.

    I am Becoming What I am Truly Meant to Be!
    North Vancouver, BC, Canada

One on One Sessions

You can be anywhere in the world!!
Session are private, personal and done in the comfort of your own home
via ZOOM – (a  free Skype like program).

Or in person if you have a trained NTHP Facilitator in your home town.

Person Centred, Safe and Gentle

70 – 90 Minutes Per Session

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