Our Mission: To reveal to people their innate power to fully heal themselves, align with their souls desires and purpose, and take flight in their life by simply being who they truly are.

Letting your Self out: A trained NTHP Facilitator will give you direct access to your sub-conscious mind. Healing occurs in a safe, gentle and natural manner. When done fully, the healing is permanent and you do not have to continue to deal with the issue. Your healing naturally and automatically opens you up, into a higher level of consciousness where your passions are awakened and your authentic Self, your essential Self, comes alive!

Freedom is a condition of the Soul
~ Joel Goldsmith

How These Processes Came To Be
From the Founder: Dane Stevens

The Neuro Trauma Healing Process came about straight out of necessity. It all started when I decided to look into a childhood abuse experience I wasn’t sure I had dealt with. I was doing very well in all areas of my life at the time, with the exception of my relationships. A pattern of unsuccessful relationships made me look into the sexual abuse I had experienced over a two year period as a child. I wanted to know if there was something there that was causing this dysfunction in my life.

I tried a couple of support groups, but they didn’t seem to resonate with me and I eventually went to a healer who was recommended by a friend. At the time, I had no knowledge of healing, energy, or trauma, so it was all very new to me; but I was solid enough in my life that I felt I could handle whatever came up. When the healer told me I had an ‘energy cirque’ looping within me that she thought best to try and forcefully pull out of me (Stuck energy from trauma) I unknowingly said ‘okay’. She did tell me that when the cirque ‘broke’, stuff would happen. But, once again, not knowing what we were dealing with or what could happen, I said bring it on.

It took a number of sessions, but when it did break it broke with intensity. She had me twisted in different positions on the table, telling me to ‘Go There, Go There!’ I remember feeling completely lost, disoriented to the point of not even knowing which way was up. I didn’t know anything had happened right away, but the short of it is I became emotionally unhinged and had a feeling of a very uncomfortable current running through my body. I had the feeling of being frightened instantly for no apparent reason. I tried not to worry or think about it, but it never went away, if anything it seemed to get worse. Over time my solid and stable life just slipped away from me. It felt like I had my life pulled out from underneath me like a rug. My nervous system had been thrown totally out of whack, and my life was completely out of control.

I am not going to go into the details of what happened here, but my life started to fall apart and everything I had built began to crumble around me. I went from living a very comfortable, and what would be considered a successful life, to being broke within two years, and literally homeless within three.

I went on a mad search to try and figure out what the hell happened to me and how to get my life back. I saw a number of therapists, counselors and healers over the span of four years, but none of them had any idea of what had happened, or what they could do. I tried Talk Therapy, Gestalt, Hypnotherapy, Regression Therapy, EMDR, NLP, EFT, and a number of other modalities – some, very good ‘tools’ which gave me great insight and understanding of my stories, but besides experiencing temporary relief, my nervous system continued to run out of control. This kept me in a place of emotional instability, it seemed like I couldn’t accomplish anything, and any degree of success or fulfillment completely eluded me. I had no foundation to stand on.

It took 5 years of searching until I finally found Hazel Carter, a trauma specialist who knew what had happened, and also knew the truth about trauma. Ironically, because she had the same thing happen to her with a healer. She was a student of and teacher of Peter Levine’s Somatic Experiencing. This was the start of my learning what trauma is, how it works, and of undoing the damage that the initial healer had done.

I got more understanding, and some relief in working with Hazel, but it wasn’t until I accessed the right brain through Dr. John Bradshaw’s teachings that I was able to make direct contact with my subconscious, the source and cause of this enormous fear that had taken over my life. …But what then? How do I change it? Where do I go from here? I still wasn’t out of the woods. I tried doing the work on my own but couldn’t quite make the connection with what I knew was there. It was a very frustrating time for me as it seemed like an eight month fight with myself trying to make the connection. I tried to find other therapists and counselors who did this type of work and couldn’t find any. I even tried to talk some of them into it, but to no avail.

Finally, six years after having had my nervous system fully unhinged, and my life flooded with fear, I found Mary Hoffman. Mary was a counselor who had done Dr. Bradshaw’s work before and generously said she would help me. Through alternate handwriting and visual exercises, Mary helped me to directly access the subconscious mind through a Person Centered Therapy approach. It was based in compassion, and creating trust – the only way to safely open up a trauma. I had been doing this same type of work on my own for a number of months, but until I worked with someone else, I was not able to access the areas that needed to be reached. As Mr. Einstein said “You can’t change something from the same level of thought that created it” I worked with Mary for a couple of months and was then able to “untangle” myself and gain “traction”. I was then able to take the practice on myself from there, and was on the fast track to becoming whole.

I am humbled by, and forever indebted to Hazel Carter; Peter Levine; Dr. John Bradshaw; and Mary Hoffman for their great wisdom, compassion, guidance, and love. For without their help I would not be where I am right now; without them I may not have found my way home, and I wouldn’t be presenting this process to you right now.

Through the different methods I learned and was taught by these people, and the information I received through my experience, a gentle, safe, and highly effective method of healing the inner child, and trauma has developed. NTHP will lead you into a much higher level of awareness, self love, and success in your life.

This work is the most direct, the gentlest, and by far the most effective modality that I have experienced. I believe it’s the most powerful tool that we have for healing trauma. I feel I can safely say that because it is the only one that I know of that gives you direct contact with your sub-conscious mind, and creates a relationship with this, your inner life – your most powerful creative faculty. It’s also the only one that I know of that uses a Person Centered approach; that is, it opens up a space where ‘you’ get your answers from within ‘you’, and therefore gives you – the client, a sense of access, but with control, that leads into “self” empowerment.

“I don’t know how to heal you, or what you need; but I do know that you do“.
We all have the answers for everything we need and desire, within us.

By no means can I take sole credit for the foundation of the work; truth be known the foundation of it has been known about for many decades, it just has never been developed. Why someone hasn’t made it into a recognized modality, I have no idea. But because of what happened to me, I am very passionate about, and have made it my mission to let people know about this highly effective way of not only healing and bringing you inner peace and harmony; but of becoming wonderfully powerful and creatively free in your life as well.

My goal is to have this teaching be mandatory learning for healers, therapists, counselors, trainers, coaches, and teachers so…
1) People are not further traumatized by good intending healers and therapists.
2) People who work closely with others can spot and know how to help a person who has just been traumatized; or has been triggered from an old trauma.
3) We can stop the cycles of abuse and make our world a better, more fulfilling, and safer place to be.

By helping heal the incredible number of wounded people in the world today, we can help our society to evolve, grow up safely, and live the free, happy, and fully expressed lives we came here to live. For me, this is simply paying it forward.

With deep love and compassion,

Dane Stevens

You can’t change something from the same level of thought that created it.
~ Albert Einstien