You Have to Start From Wholeness…

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Have you ever noticed that when you want or need something rarely does your asking come from a place of joy or wholeness?

Yet that’s the key!

Because it’s the feeling that creates, if you come from a place of feeling good about whatever it is that you want or ‘need’ – knowing it will be done – as so many of the spiritual teachings have taught us, it allows us to not be trapped by it and to live our life with more freedom and fun; …and. there’s a 90% better chance of what we want occurring because we’re out of the way!

…But there’s a problem. Our sub-conscious mind is our most powerful creative faculty that holds our most deeply fixed beliefs and experiences, thus our core beliefs.

Could this be what’s been continuing to hold you back? Trip you up? Keep you in pain and/or restriction?

Check out this Free Live Event that will give you direct access to what has been in your way and how it can be turned around and used in allowing your true potential to come forth.

When we get that our sub-conscious holds the keys to our life, that what’s going on inside of us at this level is what’s creating our outer experience, then we can be on the road to not only healing of the pattern or restriction, but into the freedom and passion of allowing our true potential to naturally shine! What have you got to lose, check out this profound new process and what it can do for you.

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Why? Because life is for living!


Dane Stevens

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