Where is your MECCA?

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Contributed by Anne Babchuk
Meditation is the ultimate way to rise above the level of thought and connect with your higher self.  It has been said that it is possible to meditate (calm your mind and slow down your thoughts) anywhere, and thank goodness this is true; on the bus; in the hospital… in prison There are moments in time when the truth of your being is in perfect harmony with your surroundings. When the space you are in feels spiritual and lends itself perfectly to meditation and reflection; where your soul sings and feels at home. Dane and I call these spaces ‘Meccas’.  Yes, we realize that the word by definition refers to the spiritual centre of Islam; where the prophet Muhammed was born, but somehow the word feels appropriate when referring to a space that aides us in connecting with the sacred city (or universe) within our selves.

A Mecca is a place of retreat – an oasis from the busy world of form; a place where outside vibration matches the vibration within. It equalizes us when we are out of balance with our true nature. So it isn’t surprising that the Meccas we have found are most often deep in nature where the natural world offers it’s stillness and wonder: Lakes; streams; meadows; old growth forests; prairies; mountains; canyons; oceans. Dane has shown me some of his favourite places… Why, oh why, must there always such a steep hill?!.

A favourite pastime for Dane and I is to search for new ‘Meccas’ and we make an effort at least every two weeks to  retreat into nature for two days, or at least one very full day with this in mind. It has become an important part of our meditation practices and our relationship.

But… Meccas are not solely found deep in nature.
I hope to one day show him my sunny roof top Mecca on Crete, where in the morning I would meditate amid the scent of basil and tomatoes from the 400 year old kitchen garden that mingled with the scent of salty Aegean air.  

We would love to hear of your own favourite Meditation Meccas. Please send us photos if you have them.
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