Turn Your Life into an Adventure b…

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Turn your life into an Adventure by…

Most people tend to associate adventure with an activity that involves a high degree of risk and/ or danger; now this may or may not be true. In the Webster’s dictionary Adventure is described as, an exciting or remarkable experience.

This being true, Adventure could be anything from jumping out of a perfectly good airplane at 10,000 feet, to standing up and speaking in front of a group of people, to picking up poop after your dog!……okay, so I’m pushing it a bit.

What I’m saying is that Adventure can take on as many different guises as there are experiences, and as many different definitions as there are adjectives. It is our choice of how we interpret the feeling that comes from doing the activity that creates our experience – our Adventure…or not. Using Webster’s definition, the question then becomes, “Can I really choose my experiences?” And if so “How can I make my life an exciting and remarkable experience?”

“Adventure being the ‘feeling’ that comes from the ‘doing’, would mean that whatever I do and whatever happens to me will dictate my experience, right?” No… and yes! It is not the events that happen to us, but how we approach and respond to them that defines our experience. This is where the real Adventure begins.

“Know thyself” is one of the eternal truth’s that is a key to living a successful and fulfilling life. In order to know ourselves we have to experience ourselves, how profound. In order to experience our self we must do things that will stretch us beyond the boundaries of what we currently ‘know’ to be true about us, and our world; things that will challenge our current views and positions. This means going outside of our ordinary routines and comfort zones and doing things that we don’t know the answer or response to, or even the outcome! This unknown territory will bring up our likes and dislikes; our strengths and weaknesses; our desires and our fears. It will show us who we are. In order to know who we are, we must also find out who we are not.

If, on the other hand we say no to the new opportunity’s life continually hands us to grow, and choose to stay at the same level of ‘knowledge’, we will see and perceive things the same way we always have and will continue to repeat the same type of scenarios over and over again. Have you ever seen the show Ground Hog Day? It’s about a reporter, played by Bill Murray who lives the same day over and over again not understanding why. The creator of the show obviously had a good grasp of the human condition, as this is how a great deal of society live their lives today. Doing the same thing over and over again, day after day, but wanting different results! How is that possible? That, by the way is the definition of insanity.

Study’s show that the average person thinks over 60,000 thoughts a day; and that ninety five percent of the thoughts that they think today are the same thoughts that they thought yesterday, and are the same ones that they will think tomorrow! My god, the world’s one big mound of dirt. Ground Hog Day full time!

So how do we, as thinking beings break this vicious cycle of conundrum that is endlessly creating by means of us? Albert Einstein’s insight gives us a hint. “You cannot correct something on the same level of thought that created it.”

First of all we must know that we do have choice. Yes, we can choose the experience we have. We can’t depict or know what is going to occur or happen to us in your life; but we can decide to choose our response to them. Hence the word responsibility – your ability to respond or choose. The choice is to say ‘yes’ to life and all of its experiences, instead of discounting it, backing off, saying no and not fully participating… or participating at all.

As aforementioned, this does not mean leaping off more and taller buildings; and you do not need to say yes to every salesman that comes knocking on your door and start stockpiling encyclopedias and vacuum cleaners. Saying yes to life means fully engaging in the moment of whatever is happening. To be present and open to whatever occurs, which includes the feelings inside of you.

If we stay fully present with the moment – which takes great mental and emotional strength, as this is the breaking of the habitual thinking that wants to take us away from the moment, and back to canundrumville – we will discover two things.

One, is that that old acronym of fear; False Evidence Appearing Real is true!

Most of our fears never happen! As the saying goes, “I’ve had thousands of problems …and most of them never happened.”

And the second thing is that we will discover that there is a gift, a magical occurrence behind every one of the challenges in our life that will reveal itself to us if we stay open minded, and unattached enough to allow it to come through. In Depak Chopra’s book ‘The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success’ a passage reads. “This moment is a gift, that is why they call it the present.” This statement may contain alot more truth than you realize.

Adventure then becomes an approach to life; an attitude. Approaching things with an open and willing mind, saying yes to whatever life hands you, and knowing that there is a gift waiting for you on the other side of FEAR; the acronym. Not choosing the alternative of F>#!*&/* Everything And Run!

An Extraordinary Life is a community committed to cultivating this attitude of adventure. To inspire and support people in challenging and seeing through the illusion of obstacles that each one of us has put in our own way; breaking through them in fun and outrageous ways that will safely allow the vast expanse of life to express it’s magnificence through us, and to us all.

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