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To be or not to be! I understand the idea that we should focus on being versus doing. What I don’t truly understand is how is that defined? Does everyone create there own definition? We are a world of doers.

Yes, we have not only become a world of doers we now get praise and reward for being workaholics, and pushing the envelope of our own sanity! The current society reveres us for throwing ourselves out of balance and away from our inner intelligence and guidance system…away from the power that does it all anyway! We are now at a point in our evolution where we are going to have to make a choice. Do we want to keep going faster and spinning out of control trying to keep up, and make more? Or are we going to slow down, stop, and remember our true source and security is within us?

Staying connected to source is an exercise, hence the term spiritual practice. It’s about keeping the balance of action / non-action; thinking and feeling; giving and taking, making and allowing. I love the phrase “We are doomed to make decisions, hence the smirk on the face of the Buddha.”

We have become way overbalanced in the doing part, and most people have lost there ability to “be”, lost their connection to the life within them and therefore their faith in that life. We need to start exercising that muscle more again by stopping periodically and feeling, getting out into nature, and mediating. Just know that when you slow down, the world will slow down with you.

*Note: The word God is used out of simplicity and ease. This is not a religious blog, nor does it have any specific creed or leaning. As stated in the introduction, It doesn’t matter which name you call it by, it matters that you call it.

Namaste: The highest and best in me see’s and honors the highest and best in you.

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