The unconscious realm holds the keys to our true nature; our essential, creative self and our built in guidance system.

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Our souls purpose, our talents, passions and desires are all present there waiting to be re-discovered and remembered. Once the vast knowledge of the subconscious becomes conscious we can begin to trust the guidance we receive from within ourselves. Walls that have held us back from achieving pure fulfillment crumble and in their place create clear paths to realizing our power of choice.Choice to live a life of fulfillment and love.

Through this contact we can begin to understand why blocks have been erected,  where they stem from and how we can safely remove them.  Dysfunctional patterns, unhealthy beliefs and chronic conditions stem from unprocessed information needing to be addressed and released from our subconscious mind. Unaddressed negative experiences are triggered and loop in our central nervous system.

Both ‘Soul Re-cognition” and NTHP gently and safely stop the destructive cycle. Rest assured they can be repaired and brought to resolution.

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