The 3 Ways We Block Our Good from ….

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The 3 ways we block our good from coming to us….

We all want to live the good life of good health, good wealth, loving connection to others, and the freedom to enjoy them all. This can be a very tricky dance in this time and age of everything seeming to speed up the way it is though; and a lot of times we find ourselves just trying to keep up never mind getting ahead or being ‘free’. “Just when I’m starting to make ends meet, …they move the ends!” Here are three hidden ways we unknowingly stop ourselves, get in our own way, and keep ourselves from living happily, freely.

  • Attachment: Have you ever had the experience of something not working so you decided you were going to ‘make it work’? Of wanting to make something work so badly that you refused to give up, becoming blind to the obvious fate of your futile efforts of force? Coming from a physical sports background, this was an all too common scenario for me. Trying to hammer the peg into the hole regardless of the shape was all part of ‘making it happen!’ At least it was before I learned that all of our pain comes from resistance or blocked energy. Being attached to how we want things to go a lot of times resists and even stops what is actually trying to happen. Yes, we want to set our sails for what we desire to create, but how we reach that destination doesn’t always come about the way we think it should, and the path is often not even in our sight. When we realize that the world is conspiring for our good, maybe then we will be more willing to stop and as Dr. Wayne Dyer says, ” Ask your self , what’s trying to happen?” 


  • Resistance: The second way we stop our good is by doing exactly that, resisting what’s trying to happen. ‘Now why would I do that?!’ You ask. One little word; trust. We human beings have this crazy need to know. We have been known to want to be in control to the point of experiencing pain we know we are creating … simply because it’s common – so we know what to expect! If you are one of those people that have a destructive or negative pattern persisting in your life that you still ‘battle’ with, all I have to say is, Sometimes it takes an excessive amount of pain before we are willing to let go and be open to a new perspective, a new way. As we learn to trust and ‘go with the flow’ life will get easier, be more connected and more fun; but if we continue to resist, our life will be a very frustrating, limited and painful existence.

“The more uncertain things seem to be, the more secure I will feel, because uncertainty is my path to freedom” ~ Deepak Chopra

  •  Fixing: The third way we stop ourselves is by fixing. Fixing can be fine, and of course this is needed     when things are really broken. We do have a tendency to over manage our lives though, not leaving     any room for life itself to flow through us. Whether it be our business our relationships, and most of   all our time. We can manage them to the point of not allowing them to ‘be’ and therefore we don’t       see them for what they are, missing out on the magic they would bring by trying to make them the       way we think, or have been told they are supposed to be. This comes from the mind set or belief that   we alone are doing it, that we are in fact alone, that it’s all on our shoulders. This is a very heavy           burden to carry that is not true and is not necessary. It is a choice though, you do have help, but you   have two slow down, stop, and create the space to receive it.

“There are great gifts to be found in this moment; that is why they call it the ‘Present’”

Stop, pay attention to what’s trying to happen, let the river flow and yes, flow right along with it. Know that things aren’t happening to you, they’re happening for you, that the world is right now conspiring for your good … there’s only one way for you to find out if this is really true… Are you willing?