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magician3How Are you Feeling?

By Dane Stevens


The Law of Attraction is a very confusing idea for many people and clearly carries a lot of “stuff’” around its meaning, causing it to be misunderstood in its operation. It has been misunderstood because many try to use the law of attraction from a place of ‘want’, and ‘need’. Trying to use it to get something you feel you don’t have, just generates more want and more need!

You can’t have what you need
Neale Donald Walsch

It is the law working as it does; responding perfectly to our energy or vibration that we are emitting. Yes, what we put our attention on is being drawn into our lives, but it is the quality of vibration and/or degree of energy that we are putting out that denotes the manifestation that occurs. It is the feeling that creates and is either in alignment and therefore feels good, …or isn’t, and doesn’t, that creates regardless of what we want from our thinking mind. It is done unto us as we feel.

It is The Feeling That Creates

There are two keys to the understanding and utilizing of this law. The first, is that it is about energy- your energy. Your feelings / energy are the creative principle and factor. This leads to the second part of the equation which is awareness; being aware of how you feel. Many people have become so disconnected from their bodies that they are unaware of what they are feeling and the message they are sending out. Therefore, it can be quite confusing when they experience discord and dysfunction in their life when that is not what they consciously intended.

It has to be mentioned here that, as was stated in the last blog, our subconscious mind holds our most powerful and deeply held experiences and beliefs. If we are not experiencing life in a harmonious or pleasurable way; if we have negative patterns running in our life, then we need to look within ourselves, at our sub, or unconscious mind at what is operating there on that level. This becomes the deeper piece of ‘missing’ awareness that people need in order to take control of and experience their best life. To come back into alignment with their higher self, healing must happen here first. This healing and alignment attracts more peace, ease and fulfillment, because this is our nature.

When your inner world comes into order,
Your outer world will come into order.


As soon as you become aware that you are affecting your world with your energy and how you feel, you can pay attention to what you’re putting your attention on.
You can pay attention to how you feel and start to intentionally energize the things that you want to have more of in your life – fun, funny, beautiful, enjoyable things. And you can take your focus off of the things you don’t want – stressful, negative, overwhelming un-enjoyable things. You will start to regain a sense of control of your life. As I write this I get an uneasy feeling that people will see this as a “getting game”. The point I am trying to make is that it’s about feeling good, not necessarily a sense of getting and acquiring, but of feeling how you want to feel. This is the key, because the fact is everything we’re doing is for this one foundational reason – we want to feel good, we want to feel better. And because it is the feeling that creates, the more we feel better, the more things we will draw into our life to feel better about. Realize that this momentum works both ways though. If we continue to focus on what we don’t like or want, making our self feel bad in the process, then we will be creating more things that will make us feel bad and negative in our life!

I don’t know where it stops, but I do know where it starts. It starts with responsibility. When we take responsibility for how we are feeling and what we are focusing on; when we do our inner work and regain our ability to respond to outer stimuli in a way that supports us in staying aligned and feeling good, then we are on the road to freedom and fulfillment.

We all have the ability to do this. We are all creators creating our reality. Accept it, and start to feel better.

You don’ get what you want
You get who you are

Wayne Dyer


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