Healing From A Place of Empowerment…

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We all too often focus on our problems; what is wrong and what we feel needs to be fixed in our lives. The western medical system has been criticized for this same tendency to focus on the problem instead of getting to the root cause of an ailment and disregarding the knowledge the body and mind carries for our healing.  Sometimes we see this same type of focus in the counseling and mental health field as well.

Is it possible to not focus on what is wrong?!

How do we avoid focusing on what appears to need fixing; healing; transformation?

Can we get away simply with good wishes and thoughts?

No, but we can now go beneath the effect (the problem) directly to the cause.This may seem a little ‘out there’ for some, but within all of us is a place that has not been hurt or harmed. A place that is and always has been untouched and untainted by life’s experiences. If we can connect to this heart centre within us, we will discover that therein lays the knowledge of what we need to heal the dysfunction we are experiencing. By connecting to this central light within us we can see what has taken us out of alignment with who we truly are. From this place comes direct guidance; hope; clarity; direction; and empowerment. 

This may sound very ethereal to a lot of you reading this, but connection to this part of our self is imperative to our good health. It may be a lot simpler than you think. You can now have direct contact to that within you that has your answers, your keys for healing, for health, for your freedom and ultimate self-expression – some may call this the soul.

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Why? Because life is for living!