Feel the State of Flow – B

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Is there anyone who is just being? Isn’t eating doing? Isn’t breathing doing? Where is the line drawn?

Yes and no. Do you digest your food? Do you beat your heart? In one sense there is a part of us that is always “being”in it’s doing… But when our doing comes without inner consult or connection it will create chaos. When our doing comes out of our being we are connected to source and it feels like effortless effort, we experience a state of flow that feels like living magic; because it is. The more we simply “do” the further away from, and the more we diminish our life force and connection to source energy. When we stay connected we, as stated, experience that state of flow. When things start to get hard and we feel like we are forcing things we are separating from our infinite intelligence and our little self is more than likely “trying” to do it itself. EGO – Ease God Out. Only we can know where that line is, but it will be obvious when we get into ego, it will bring forth all the characteristics that contract our energy. Anger, confusion, overwhelm, mistrust, hurt, etc. Anything that denotes negative and/or hurtful energy to ourselves or others, anything that creates a sense of separation. The paradox is that when we are in a state of being we will be much more effective in the world! Our being – in the present moment, will bring our doings alive and make them not only much more fulfilling, but we will also be amazed at how much we get done. Because if we practice staying present – being, enough, we will come to realize that we’re not operating alone on this journey. Being is the ultimate way of doing.

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