Everything Is Speeding Up – Including Our Healing!

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Everything is speeding up – 

Including our Healing!

The technological age has increased the speed in our ability to communicate; not only are we able to speak in real time instantaneously to anyone anywhere around the globe, we can see them too! Our transportation technologies and abilities have grown to the point of allowing us to transport more people and things all over the world faster than ever before. At the moment you’re reading this there are some 700,000 people in the air traveling to their next destination on the globe. Now, science tells us that even the Universe itself is expanding and continuing to move at a faster and faster rate.  

The Good news is, while this acceleration seems to be causing much mayhem, our healing is also speeding up. – physically, and yes, mentally, emotionally and spiritually as well. Going from the founding psychoanalysis to Gestalt, to hypnotherapy. With the realization of the body’s memory has spawned the practices of EMDR and NLP, and now advancements in understanding how the right and left brain work together to process information is leading us into even deeper understanding of how we can access these once unavailable places within us.

is the understanding of how to safely access the subconscious mind and bring it to consciousness for our empowerment and use. Through this process we are able to join our mental/ emotional life to our spiritual life.

This is what the Soul Re-Cognition Process does – (Cousin to NTHP – Neuro Trauma Healing Process).

With Soul Re-Cognition and NTHP we can now come to the point of healing of our inner conflict, and be put into natural alignment with our own inner personal guidance system. This is how; as Dr. John Bradshaw puts it “The wounded child becomes the wonder child.

There is that within us that knows; what we need; what to do; what our desires and purpose are, and how to fulfill them. The keys to our life are within us, within our challenges, and within our ability to deal with and heal them.

Now is the time for healing. .

Why? Because life is for the living!