Do you nourish Your Connection to Your Inner Self? – B

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Photo by Dane Stevens
Contributed by Anne Babchuk
Most evenings after a day spent in session or in the office, Dane and I walk, (well sometimes Dane skips…) We walk in fair weather or rain, on forest paths, or city streets, alone or together. This is in addition to our personal, regular, physical practices but it is an important part of our ‘work’ life. It balances the day and allows us to breathe and connect with the world, each other and our inner selves.

The other evening while on our walk,  the West Vancouver seawall and the Georgia Straight presented us with a sunset of epic proportion. A beautiful opportunity for yoga and photos.

The key to living a fulfilling life is staying connected to our authentic self and a physical relationship with our bodies in whatever way that makes our heart sing is crucial to nourishing that connectedness.

Make time each day for physical play and watch your outer world align with your inner world.

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