Do You Mistrust Your Inner Guidance? – B

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Contributed by: Anne Babchuk

One of the best pieces of advice my mother ever gave me was:
“If it doesn’t feel right – Don’t do it”.

I was 8 years old when she explained to me that there was something very powerful and special inside me, my ‘Truest Me’, and that this wise and beautiful entity knew exactly what was best for me at all times.  She said I must always listen and feel for what it was trying to tell me. “You might feel it in your stomach or in your heart –you can trust that it will tell you when something is right and when it is wrong.” 

In my growing years, I saw plenty of proof that this was true. There were the obvious things like deciding that jumping out of the 2nd story barn window on a dare was not in my best favour, or that stealing candy at the corner store with my chums was just not right. It was clear early on that when I made mistakes, as is the case in every child’s growth, it was because I ignored that small voice inside me; a very valuable observation for a lifetime of making decisions!

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Life presents very subtle challenges to a child and it was this very sensation in my stomach that guided me through more treacherous waters. It told me it was only a bully who would make fun of the child who was different. It told me to stand up for those who could not stand up for themselves. It told me when someone was not treating me well, or unfairly and not to stand for it. It told me that I was not to blame for my parents break up. It told me who my true friends were. It told me I was intelligent and important and looked after – always.

But when a child is not safe to explore this inner guidance, when there is fear, belittling, or oppression, they can quickly become separated from their ‘Truest Me’. When the experiences of life do not make sense, are traumatic, or they have been hurt or punished in some way for following the small voice within, that guiding feeling in the stomach turns into one of anxiety and doubt. Confusion over how to act, how to be, how to feel becomes the normal way to experience life. When one is unable to hear and connect with their inner most truth, loneliness occurs and erroneous beliefs of unworthiness, and insecurity are cultivated – core beliefs that can last a lifetime. 

For many, an early disconnection (in part or in full) to their inner self creates a complex mistrust of the only voice that truly knows what is best for them. Life decisions are made without the help of the divine intelligence that lies within them. Compensations, negative patterns/ beliefs pervade life until at some point there is a realization – that the person they have become is completely out of sync with which they truly are. So that is why we are here – to let you know that this does not have to be a life sentence.

At your core, you know what is best for you, you need only learn to access it and have confidence in it. At An Extraordinary Life we help you to reconnect with, rediscover and remember your ‘Truest Me’, your highest self, your most authentic nature. We will help you to clear the blocks that prevent you from experiencing and trusting your own personal guidance system.

It is such a profound experience to feel the joy and relief that floods over you when you reunite with your true spirit and begin to trust yourself again.In this there is freedom to rise to living the life you were meant to in complete alignment with all that you are.