Calling All Counselors and Coaches! ….

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Counselors and Coaches,

Would you like to be a part of the next step in the evolution of our psychological and spiritual healing and growth?

Would you like to be shown how you can gain safe, direct access to the sub-conscious mind, and therefore access to whatever it is that has been stopping you, blocking you, in your way, or creating a negative pattern in your life?

The Soul Re-cognition Process and Neuro Trauma Healing Processes (NTHP) will show you how you can experience full healing or resolution with certainty for you and your clients. You will then be naturally re-connected with your inner personal guidance system and be put you on a path to fulfilling your destiny, your true and full potential, why you are here.

This is a new process that has only recently been developed and has been attaining incredible results in bringing hidden negative beliefs, unprocessed past experiences – trauma,  to resolution. Currently these processes are not known about or being used in the counseling and coaching field  – but more and more people are experiencing the profound healing abilities of this work and we need more people trained in it to support the demand. The processes can be used exclusively or alongside your current mode of counseling or coaching.

If you are dealing with negative patterns, chronic conditions ie: chronic pain, depression, weight management problems, addiction, relationship or lack issues – You need to know about this. If you or your clients are ready for the next step in their spiritual growth and awareness, these processes are the step that will take you to the next level of personal alignment and relationship with your inner life and higher self.

Would you like:

–       To have direct access to the sub-conscious mind in a way that is gentle, safe and will give                                 you certain results?

–       To be able to give your clients results that are in complete alignment with their souls               purpose and desire?

–       To enable your clients to experience natural healing that will last for good?

–       To be able to create a line of clear communication with our most powerful creative                 faculty the sub-conscious?

–       To be able to work with clients from anywhere in the world!

–       To have on-going support and a team to help you with your business?

–       To be given clients!? (Inquire about our Inner Circle program)

Let Us Show You How You Can!

Why? Because life is for living!

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