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Trauma: It is not a matter of ‘if’, it is a matter of ‘when’Peter Levine ‘Waking the Tiger’.

If you have any kind of negative pattern, chronic condition or addiction I can guarantee you that you have something stuck unprocessed in your central nervous system.This can mean any negative pattern – from not having enough money, to not being able to having lasting, fulfilling relationships, to chronic health issues.

All of these issues stem from an erroneous belief or past negative event that is stuck looping within the sub-conscious mind, out-picturing itself in real time as a dysfunction in your life. The word we use for this is trauma, as it is the only word we have in the English language that means ‘Something stuck looping in your sub-conscious mind‘. It may not fit for everyone, but if you have a negative pattern in your life that you have not been able to resolve then you can be pretty certain you have something stuck, looping in your central nervous system creating it.

If you or your clients have any of these patterns or conditions we are here to tell you that they are no longer a life sentence. The revolutionary NTHP (Neuro Trauma Healing Process) shows you how you can unfreeze and heal this part of you and reclaim your power back. The answer lies in being able to access to the sub-conscious mind. This is where the keys to your healing lay. It may now be easier than you think!

Dane Stevens

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