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Why do clients work with you? Because you know a lot? Because you have it all together? Because of your talent?  

Clients come to Counselors and Coaches because they believe you can help them. It’s about them getting the healing they need to progress to be happy and fulfilled in their lives. But can you really? Can you make a person change? Sometimes we get people at the right time when they are truly ready for change, and sometimes we have an influence in their ability to do so. But if the change doesn’t come from within them, either we, as a coach or counselor, are the crutch for them, or it is a compensation that won’t last. …But if we had access to what was really going on inside of them, and could work with them from there, then we would be on to something.

If you were to you would soon have a very good name in the field and have many clients knocking on your door out of the blue. Word of ability like this travels very quickly.

There is now , and with this process the client (or you) can get consistent and certain results. No, it’s not a coping skill, technique to overcome, a compensation or a quick-fix – these are all temporal. With the Neuro Trauma Healing and Soul Re-Cognition Processes you will put people on the fast track to health and healing by guiding them into direct access to the wounded or dysfunctional part within themselves and into relationship with it / them.

Give your clients the ability to regain their power of choice –

‘Introducing the Neuro Trauma Healing and Soul Re-Cognition Processes’  

Why? Because life is for living!