Soul Re-Cognition: Heal your past; your gifts, passions and purpose
ignited, your ultimate self revealed

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What is The Soul Re-Cognition© Process?


Soul: \ˈsōl\  The immaterial essence, animating principal, or actuating cause of an
individual life.

Cognition: \ Cognize: cog·ni·tion \käg-ˈni-shən\ To bring to consciousness

Re: \ˈrā\ Again

The unconscious realm holds the keys to our true nature; our essential, creative self and our inner personal guidance system.

Soul Re-Cognition© is for those wanting to connect with their most powerful creative faculty. Those ready to bring down the blocks within themselves that prevent them from connecting with and hearing their own personal guidance system, their innate wisdom and intuitive intelligence. Soul re-cognition© will help you to bring negative patterns to full resolution within you, so you can do just that, and  live the life you know you came here to live.

We all have them; negative patterns that creep into our lives that prevent us from realizing our full potential. It could be anything from a chronic condition or addiction, to just trying to keep up in a chaotic world and failing to live the joyful life we know we are capable of, that shows us that we are out of alignment. Soul Re-cognition© (SRC) is a process that gives us direct contact with the subconscious mind, our most powerful creative faculty, for the purpose of aligning with this higher part of us, our soul self that is the source of our authenticity, our nature – vitality, prosperity, connection, freedom.

Freedom is a condition of the Soul  ~  Joel Goldsmith

Through a combination of alternate hand writing, guided meditation and right/ left brain exercises we guide you in being able to tap into your own personal wisdom within you to understand what you need to heal, thrive and soar in your life.

Once you connect with and bring the subconscious into consciousness you then gain access to the vast knowledge, wisdom and light that has been buried underneath past experiences and erroneous beliefs that lay hidden yet still active within you.

The unconscious realm holds the keys to our true nature of freedom, vitality and prosperity; where our essential, creative self, our soul resides.

Through this contact you can begin to understand why blocks have been erected, where they stem from and how to safely change them. Soul Re-cognition© gently and safely resolves destructive cycles or negative patterns, freeing you from your past and awakening within you the person you came here to be, the person you really are.

SRC gives you safe and direct access to the restrictive programming and whatever is not in alignment with your highest good; your soul. It will give you the opportunity to see it anew, or re-cognize this old choice and realign it with your current way of thinking and current desires. When your sub-conscious mind and your conscious mind are in alignment, that is agreement, there is nothing in your way and what you desire will become manifest. Your talents, passions and desires are all present waiting to be discovered, uncovered and and brought forth as your authentic and amazing ‘Self’.

Heal your past; Your gifts, passions and purpose ignited, your ultimate life revealed.

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